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April 28, 2003

Hooray! A new friend of Israel

Spotted this nice upbeat piece on Israeliguy's blog. Brings a smile to my frown-filled face. See too , the posted comments to the article.

The tiny republic of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is Israel’s newest supporter. Cape Verde’s president has instructed his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support Israel on each and every vote in the UN.

By that Cape Verde joins the small but meritorious group of tiny nations that support Israel in the UN: Micronesia, Marshall Islands and the US.

Update: The item I’m linking to is from Walla, the most popular Israeli site on the net, though their news section is totally amateur. It’s not their story, they are quoting Yediot Ahronot, the most popular, almost monopolistic daily in Israel that doesn’t have an online version (no Ynet doesn’t count).

According to the report Cape Verde president said one of the reasons his country is friendly with Israel is because Portuguese Jews arrived to Cape Verde in the 15th century when the uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese. Those Jews, according to the president, had a significant contribution to the building of the republic through the centuries. The president political advisor told the Israeli ambassador that he himself is a descendent to a Jewish family Ben Oliel. (Also found that there is a preservation project of the heritage of the Jews of Cape Verde, more details here)

But the real reason could be that they’re no ones clients and seeking help, plus don’t have strong economical ties with Arab countries thus don’t mind affiliating with Israel. It looks they’ve recently had crop failures and probably are seeking Israeli agricultural help (the Israeli ambassador to neighboring Senegal already promised Israel will help them on that – as reported on Walla). Update: I found this interview on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs that indicates that Cape Verdeans are indeed learning Israeli agricultural methods.

Cape Verde’s independence was achieved in 1975 from Portugal.