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April 23, 2003

headlines in DEBKA indicate Arafat in pressure cooker and may cook his own goose

Last US warning delivered to Arafat as another series of Palestinian terror attacks against Israel is averted.

Senior US official tells Arafat he will be fully responsible if reformist Palestinian PM-designate fails to form government by Wednesday midnight deadline. International peacemakers will give up, say Blair, EU and Arab leaders. Egyptian intelligence chief Suleiman hands warning to Arafat at his Ramallah HQ Wednesday

DEBKAfile: Arafat is thriving on international attention and more determined than ever to hold out against anti-terror power-sharing deal with Abu Mazen. Read more in earlier Military-Political Analysis below

Wednesday morning, Civil Guard volunteers intercepted Palestinian near Israeli Arab town of Tirah on his way to hand over three 2-kg pipe bombs to strike teams in Israeli towns north of Tel Aviv. He dropped burden and made off.

In Jenin, two operations planners were caught preparing suicide mission. In Qalqilya, Israeli police undercover unit picked up Popular Front leader and 7 suspects. Jihad Islami commander detained by army commandos in Nablus