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April 09, 2003

He Ain't Heavy-Handed, He's My Brother--II

JamesTaranto (Best of the Web) here shrewdly notes the double standard applied by the US to Israel
In an Arab city, a bomb hit a home where a terror-sponsoring leader was believed to be. The bomb killed more than a dozen people, including the leader. Baghdad yesterday? No, Gaza last July. The target, Salah Shehada, was a top Hamas terrorist. As we noted at the time, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer complained: "This heavy-handed action does not contribute to peace."

We asked: "If Americans knew Osama bin Laden was hiding in a particular house in Afghanistan or Pakistan, would we let him go rather than risk killing civilians?" It was premature at the time to raise the same question vis-à-vis Saddam Hussein. But yesterday four American bombs delivered the answer.