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April 02, 2003

Hamas commander in Hebron arrested by IDF

Monir Mari'i, allegedly a Hamas commander in the Hebron region responsible for the deaths of numerous Israelis, was caught last night by IDF troops.

The IDF confirmed this morning that Mari'i was captured during an operation of elite units of the IDF during the night. Mari'i is believed to be responsible for the organization of the attack on the Jewish settlement Adora on April 27, 2002, in which 4 Israeli civilians were killed- inluding a 4-year-old infant.

Mari'i is a Jordanian citizen who enlisted, trained and directed terrorists that executed numerous other attacks in the area of Hebron and Kiryat Arba, including a shooting attack on June 20, 2002. Iman Jumjum, an additional member of Mari'i's terrorist cell, was also captured