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April 21, 2003

Growing resentment of the Yanks (Ted Belman)

From liberation to terrorism

Zvi Bar'el, in an article in Ha'aretz, sees it coming
The mass demonstrations in Baghdad against the American presence in Iraq are evidence of the threat that is growing closer and which Washington will have to face. When hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens, suffering from a shortage in water, food and medicine, find the time to print placards in English and Arabic against the occupation; when Sunni and Shi'a unite in opposition to what they call American occupation; when Islamic slogans are heard louder than those calling for democracy; and when nearly every citizen also has a gun and perhaps several dozen grenades, the road between liberation and guerrilla warfare may be short. MORE
Just days into the war, I wrote Will America suffer from premature evacuation? and worried,
Normally, I am very optimistic but I am beginning to have my doubts. America will be victorious in Iraq just as Israel was victorious in all its wars with the Arabs. Unfortunately for Israel, its victories didn’t win the peace. I am afraid the US will suffer the same outcome.

The Arabs have shown that they will never accept Israel in their midst and not just Israel in the territories. They will stop at nothing and will fight forever to achieve their goal of getting Israel out of the ME. Time and again, Arafat has thumbed his nose at the US and he is still there. This intafadah has cost the Palestinians dearly but they still want it to go on. No matter how many terrorists Israel stops, more come. Oslo brought Israel close to ruin and the Road Map promises to finish the job. They are premised on the illusion that the Arabs will accept a rational solution to the conflict short of Israel’s destruction.

America will soon find it self in occupation of Iraq. Hussein didn’t cave in, in advance of the war preferring to bury the Americans in Iraq. The Palestinians know they need the US to help them get concessions from Israel but that doesn’t stop them from supporting Hussein and sending martyrs. Syria gets a stern warning and they too continue to defy the US and send men and equipment to support Iraq. Al Qaeda has also joined the fray sending a large contingent of their people to Iraq. There is no shortage of volunteers to participate in the fight to defeat America. The Arabs will use guerrilla warfare in Iraq and terrorism in America to achieve their liberation.

If anything is clear, the Arabs are going to resist America "for as long as it takes", to use Bush’s phrase.

[...] The Arabs will be aided and abetted by the entire anti-war crowd and the liberal press.
One month later, it doesn't look better. It looks worse.