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April 13, 2003

The french and Belgium boycotts Israeli & US Companies: What do you think? French, German, Belguian, Dispute Post-war Iraqi Reconstruction.

Please enter the site below and sign the "Belgian petition"- No politics!

Belguia boycotts U.S ( Tv5 and Antenne2 and Arte Tv special Anti US propaganda)

The former president to whom Van der Kelen was referring was George Bush, the father of President George W. Bush,
and the vice president the current vice president of the United States, Dick Cheney.
Both have been charged in Belgium with war crimes in connection with the bombing of a civilian shelter in Baghdad that killed 403 people in the Gulf War of 1991.


What do you think? French, German, Belguian, Dispute Post-war Iraqi Reconstruction.

The french and Belgium boycotts Israeli & US Companies:




Links: belgian+anti+bush&spd=belguian+anti+bush

The French President said: Anti G-Bush article : chirac+anti+bush

We the undersigned, express our outrage, ridicule and opposition to the ILLEGAL decision of the Belgian Supreme Court,
which has arrogantly appointed itself as the world’s highest authority on War Crimes .......

The distinguished Lebanese dignitary Mr. Nagi N. Najjar –
Director of the Lebanon Foundation for Peace, recently published an article just prior to the elimination of Elie Hobeika at the behest of the Syrians....

One wonders, on what grounds the Belgian Justice system dares to posture as the Moral Superiors of the World!? See; belgium++massacre+africa+congo+history

In view of Belgium’s own ignominious history, justice like charity, should certainly start at home. It should also be applied equally rather than selectively.

Prepared & presented Respectfully by, Francois Nazarian

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- Francois.N


Dear member of the U.S. military: Thank you for defending our freedom.
It appears that the French, Germans and Belgians have forgotten the blood Americans spilled to liberate them from the murderous Nazi regime …

Thank you and God bless America!

This site is dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 tragedy.

"Silence is acceptance"

How Saddam financed arafat terror:

What about arafat?