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April 02, 2003

France, duplicitous as ever

Michael Ledeen accuses the French of lying when Villepin said France wished the US a quick victory in Iraq. It is a lie because France has actively worked against such success and continues to do so.
He had already provided a perfectly good lie on the 24th, and he didn't have to dream up a new one in London. For whatever Villepin (or Chirac for that matter) said, in London or Paris, on the 24th or whenever, the fact of the matter is that France has done everything in its power to prevent the coalition from winning this war. Indeed, France took an amazing step, whose only possible consequence was to prolong the war and to maximize casualties on both sides. That took place when France and Germany threatened the Turkish opposition parties with total excommunication from Europe if they dared vote in favor of permitting the U.S. to use Turkish bases in the liberation of Iraq.
The result of that threat was to cause the US to travel thousands of miles with men and equipment to disembarque in Kuwait instead of Turkey.

By the way a recent polls finds that one third of Frenchmen want the US to lose the war.

We don't owe them anything. But that's a negative. We owe them a kick in the ass.