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April 22, 2003

Four interesting reads

Picked by reader John MacDonald.

The Trillion dollar lawsuit

April 16 — After months of working below the radar, a huge U.S. legal team hired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sprung into action and begun a major counteroffensive against a landmark lawsuit seeking $1 trillion in damages on behalf of the victims of the September 11 terror attacks.

Dealing with the UN

The New York Times, editorially damning private enterprise reconstruction of Saddam Hussein's bordello, drawing an outrageous analogy to mid-19th century efforts to build the Suez Canal (by the French no less), and in a non-sourced Washington story calling for "a phased withdrawal of sanctions", is leading the ignominious parade domestically — as usual.
In fact, the United States has a splendid opportunity to move quickly to drain the swamp of corruption and injury inflicted by the United Nations on the Iraqi people.

The Redistribution of Honor

Following the earthquake of the 1960s, honor and glory in America tended to go to "victims"--racial, economic, and sexual--whose rights had been abused. Anxious to hold on to that alignment, an angry Al Sharpton speaking in the wake of 9/11 insisted that "we don't owe America anything; America owes us." Taking up Sharpton's sentiments, a majority of the Congressional Black Caucus last month either voted against or abstained on a House resolution in support not of the war, but of our troops.

Today, in a rediscovery of courage, a virtue long disdained by feminists, the most honored are the people who give of themselves--the police officers, firefighters, and soldiers, whatever their gender or race, we ask to defend us against criminals, terrorists, and thugs. The Todd Beamers and Jessica Lynchs are the ones who make us proud, and unite us, as Americans.

Volunteers Recall Bitter Memories, Betrayal In Iraq