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April 23, 2003

The Forgotten Refugees

Personal Testimonial: Mark Khedr (Egypt)
"They took me and my father in an army truck and drove us to Abu Zaabal prison. I was only 19 years old and very scared... . When our turn came, one of the soldiers shouted: 'ya yahudi ya ibn el kalb, esmak eh?' ('You Jew, son of a dog, what’s your name?') [Full text]

Surviving Babylon: A Memoir by Rachel Wahba (Iraq and Egypt)
"'I saw the writing on the wall,' my father remembers; in 1938 when he witnessed Hitler’s Mein Kampf, translated into French and Arabic, so prominently displayed in Cairo’s bookstores. 'I didn’t want to really admit it…(he says): I could see the end was coming for Egypt’s Jews...'

"For my mother, it was the Rashid ‘Ali Rebellion, the Farhoud, the Breakdown, the massacre and plunder of Baghdad’s Jewish community in 1941-- the screams of terror getting closer and closer to her door as the wild mobs slashed their way though Jewish neighborhoods." [Full text]