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April 27, 2003

The Emeth (truth)

The Next Wave of Terror by Naomi Ragen
I have been biding my time in discussing the whole Abu Mazen, new Palestinian leadership, now let's publish the road-map nonsense....

But today's suicide bombing in Kfar Saba that killed a 23 year-old security guard, and injured 14 by Arafat's Fatah is the last straw. This comes only hours after the so -called Egyptian-engineered "compromise" that supposedly "bent" Arafat to the American will to see a "moderate" take control of the Palestinian government-to-be and has made it impossible for me to ignore this line of propaganda any longer.

Abu Mazen wrote a doctorate denying the Holocaust. As Arafat told a cheering crowd of Palestinian well-wishers aired on the Israeli news tonight: "I am the one who picked Abu Mazen."

Yes, Arafat's hand-picked successor is now going to fight terror. Hello? Is this the same Abu Mazen who made it clear that killing Jews over the Green Line was perfectly legitimate? Is this the same Abu Mazen who picked as his Chief Head of Security Muhammad Dahlan? As Dr. Aaron Lerner points out: "...despite his"moderate" rhetoric, the Preventive Security Service under Dahlan's leadership played a key role in the manufacture of illegal weapons and coordinated and initiated terrorist attacks by the various terror groups. Dahlan himself ordered the bombing of the bus of children in Kfar Darom on the 20th of November 2000.

In an ideal world, the former Gazan chief of the Preventive Security Service would be sitting (once again) in an Israeli prison. But Israelis hope that Muhammad Dahlan's designation as the state minister for security affairs will help stem Palestinian terrorism."

This kind of delusional thinking on the part of Israeli leadership almost got my family killed last year. So this year, I am far less willing to sit back and be a good girl.

The problem, as I see it, is not the fact that Arafat, the discredited terrorist who should be hung for mass murder, is instead "president" and hand-picking people to head an American-supported Palestinian State ten miles from the heart of Israel's population centers. The problem is the Palestinian people, who supported Saddam Hussein, who are in favor of terror, who are anti-Semitic, who never cease their incitement to terror, and who have shown at every opportunity that they do not want a State, but the destruction of Israel and the continuation of terrorist attacks.

We cannot allow coalition victors to create a new set of rules for fighting terror that they themselves wouldn't dream of swallowing, but are willing to force-feed Israel. Rules that allow terrorist leaders who supported Saddam Hussein to pick their successors. That allow former terrorists to "fight terror." That allow people to continue to incite to terror and violence (below you will find the latest information on this incitement). Now is the time to fight this attempt, to expose it for what it is: a cheap way of appeasing Arab "pride" after their resounding defeat at American and British hands.

I am not going to let them take risks again with my life, and my children's so some wrong-headed, doomed theory can again be proven wrong-headed and doomed (how many will have to die to prove the Road Map won't work? A hundred? A thousand?). Mr. Blair is allowed to say the IRA's answers to three questions concerning their renunciation of terror were "conditional and uncertain." When is the Israeli government going to have the guts to say the same about Abu Mazen as Prime MInister, and Muhammad Dahlan as chief of security?

There is only one plan that can create what is necessary for peace in our region, and this is it:
Collect all weapons, and deport anyone found with illegal weapons.

End all incitement to terror and hatred. Close down radio, television, schools, mosques that incite hatred.

Begin a reeducation program for children and adults that will take five to seven years.

At the end of that time, begin to create a new leadership from those WHO WERE NEVER FRIENDS WITH ARAFAT,AND WERE NEVER INVOLVED IN TERRORISM.

In the interim, Israel security forces are the only security forces in the region. Period.

We may not be able to stop the war against us. But at least we don't have to put down our arms and tie our hands behind our back. We don't have to walk over the cliffs like lemmings. Not this time. This time, I'm not going quietly, no matter what my elected leadership and their good friends abroad say.