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April 17, 2003

Don't you believe it

Barry Shaw writes to us from The View from Here.

Subject: Arabs lie.

They make a profession of it. They have ministries, media, mosques, mass producing it. They are in denial, unable to face the modern world of freedom and democracy. So, they cloak themselves in medieval crusades of religious and phony nationalistic fervor. They deconstruct history, then try to reconstruct it in their favor - by lying. They fantasize instead of facing truth. They are boastful to the point of losing touch with reality. They make wild claims under the influence of hysteria, or passionate persuasion. Don't believe me? Prove me wrong! Just look at recent Arab history. Examine what is coming out of the Arab world today.

Remember the Arab claims in 1948? Remember them telling their fellow Arabs that they were coming to slaughter the Jews living in the fledgling Jewish state? They were already in denial about the establishment of Israel. And when their invading armies were beaten back, causing a refugee problem, instead of resolving the situation they persisted in maintaining their fellow Arabs is stateless misery, with the boundless assistance of the UN. Again, with boastful fervor, they vowed that they would return to drive the Jews into the sea.

Then, in 1967, when combined Arab armies, once again, attacked Israel they made boastful claims to an incredulous world that Israel had been crushed. In fact, two days into the war, Israel, almost apologetically, announced that it had destroyed the Egyptian air force. This claim was the truth, and the war was over in six days.

And so to last year. Lies. More lies, created by the Palestinian Ministry of Information headed by Saeb Erekat, were taken at face value by a willing media, ably abetted by Teres Larsson of the UN. Their libels have included 'massacres' in Jenin, the filmed death of a young boy, killed by Palestinian gunmen, but blamed on Israeli soldiers, desecration of Christian holy sites which, in reality were attacked and trashed by Palestinian terrorists.

And on to Iraq where you witnessed the ridiculous claims of the Iraqi Information Minister, the horrendous tactics of Arab fighters, the bomb factories in schools and hospitals, civilians used as human shields, shootings from private apartments and mosques (Allah forbid that you should do the same!). They accuse you of being the aggressor, even while you are liberating them from a reign of terror. They blame you - and the Jews- for their miserable condition. Now we see the Syrians denying that they are sheltering top Iraqi officials and weapons of mass destruction. We know for a fact that this is a lie. Look in Damascus, and in the Mediterranean coastal resort of Latakia and you will find them there. The truth will soon be exposed.

Arabs speak emotionally of their suffering, yet reject any proposal that may solve their suffering. The prime examples of this are the Palestinians. Why is this? Because they still live the a deluded world that will permit them, on day, to rise up and destroy our world.

Any solution imposed from the outside is perceived by them as a way station to their ultimate domination.

This has been a reference point, in frequent occasions, by Yasser Arafat. They are deluded, but let us be clear-sighted to the truth. No more rose-tinted glasses of Oslo. No more liberal, lefty, pretence that a hand of friendship will be greeted by a warm embrace. Our extended hand of friendship has left us with a bleeding stump.

They haven't shown us their humanity, or their truth. They may say the same about us (and do) but, after Oslo and Camp David and Taba, they proved to us that they have no humanity. If their truth is "Death to the Jews" or their stated ambition of a Palestinian nation stretching 'From the River to the Sea', then we will offer no concessions, we will give no quarter, for our very survival is on the line.

We have seen too clearly the lack of humanity, the rabid ambition, the corrupt regime, that is Palestine. If they want progress it is they, not us, that must change. They, not us, that must show evidence that they have become a lawful people. They, not us, that must prove to the world that they have eradicated the incitement in their schools, the hatred in their mosques, the terror throughout their society.

Then, and only then, can we consider trusting these people with our lives.

Their recent blood libels have extended to the lie that we make our matzoh bread from the blood of Palestinian children. Only last year, at the Passover Seder in Netanya, matzot were soaked with Jewish blood, spilt by a murderous, lying Arab who thought he was a holy martyr on his way to paradise.

It is up to them to prove that they have stopped their lies, their deceit, their hatred, and make their way back to humanity.