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April 21, 2003

The Difference

One striking note about the present living history we are all currently a part of is the clarity in which it presents itself towards us and the clarity in which most of us, especially after September 11th, have been able to view it in.

A recuring theme has been "The Difference" between good and bad.

A clear instance of this is arab terrorism: The fact that it targets non-combatants, civilians, for no other reason then to murder them in the most painfull and barbaric ways conceivable. Civilians that are geographically or otherwise identifable as a group such as American, Israeli, Christian or Jewish,

Another instance is the way in which innocents are regarded.

This image represents The Difference. It depicts two soldiers, one soldier (Israeli) in front of a baby carriage and another ("palestinian"-arab) behind a baby carriage.

If anyone has other examples please let me know. I would like to compile a list titled "The Difference" that simply and clearly highlights various examples that proves this point.