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April 24, 2003

The Day of Reckoning

Uri Dan in an article entitled The Inevitable March to Bagdad in JPost provides a reckoning for all America's past mistakes leading up to the necessity to attack Iraq.

Here's the first example of many. Its a great piece to read and keep.
The American president who made the gravest mistake in the Middle East since World War II was Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jimmy Carter. In the name of human rights Carter applied pressure to the Shah of Iran and caused the collapse of his regime for the sake of another one that trampled human rights, headed by the Ayatollah Khomeini. The CIA at that time rejected the proposals made by Israelis to eliminate Khomeini while he was still in exile in France, where the French government naturally supported him.
And this
When president Ronald Reagan came into office he began his own campaign of errors, in order to try and correct Carter's historical mistake. When Saddam Hussein, who had just begun his regime of evil in Baghdad, went to war against the regime of the Ayatollahs, the Reagan administration gave him aid. I well recall the meetings between US Ambassador Samuel Lewis and Defense Minister Ariel Sharon in 1981, when Sharon protested against the secret US arms shipments to Iraq. Sharon explained that Saddam was a dangerous enemy, and the weapons supplied to him by the US were liable to reach the Palestinian terrorist organizations.
And this
Casper Weinberger was even less forgiving to Sharon when he succeeded, as Defense Minister, in expelling Yasser Arafat and his ten thousand terrorists from Beirut in August 1982. I was present at various meetings between Sharon, Weinberger and other senior American officials, in Israel, in the Pentagon, and in Beirut. I obtained the impression that they couldn't forgive Sharon, Begin, and Israel for succeeding, for the first time in history, in besieging an Arab capital, Beirut, in order to expel the largest terrorist organization in the world, the PLO. Sharon explained, till his throat was hoarse, that it was essential to continue and uproot the Moslem terror in Western Beirut, that was supported by Iran and Syria, in order to free the Middle East and not just Israel from this threat. I heard the replies of Weinberger and I saw his face expressing unconcealed hostility to Sharon and to Israel. MORE
Don't miss any of it.