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April 23, 2003

Dahlan, a terrorist

IMRA reports
The CIA has secret recordings of telephone conversations in which the voices of the head of preventive security in the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Dahlan, and his deputy, Rashid Abu Shabbab, can be heard ordering the execution of anti-Israeli terrorist attacks in the Gaza Strip.

The Americans, who according to a number of sources bug all the senior Palestinians, did not keep the information to themselves and gave it to Israel. According to the information, the U.S. has recordings in which Dahlan can be heard ordering the bombing of the bus of children in Kfar Darom on the 20th of September 2000.
IMRA reports again
Israel Radio: PA Security Chief Dahlan responsible for attack on bus : 20 October, 2000

Israel Radio reported this morning that Israeli security officials have determined that Gaza PA Preventive Security Head Col.Israel Radio: PA Security Chief Dahlan responsible for attack on bus.
In fact there is considerable evidence that Dahlan has blood on his hands. When an Israeli lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who represents terror victims was in Toronto she said that she would never allow Dahlan to be whitewashed by the US. She intended to sue him.

Now this is a double edged sword. There are those who believe that the US has him by the you know what and are forcing him to change his ways or be prosecuted.