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April 30, 2003

Cold War II

Sorry for the bad news, but April 29, 2003 may go down in history as a marker for the beginning of Cold War II, with the US on one side and OLD EUROPE plus Russia on the other side.

To substantiate this statement, note the following excerpts from the British Telegraph, April 30, 2002:
Putin reveals deep splits over Iraq

Tony Blair's attempts to heal the diplomatic rift caused by the war against Iraq suffered a serious setback yesterday when he was forced to endure an extraordinary public lecture from Russia's president, Vladimir Putin.

Speaking after talks held during a one-day trip to Russia, the Russian leader used a press conference to contradict Mr Blair's assertion that the war had been won.
Mr Blair's trip coincided with France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg agreeing at a mini summit to set up an independent European armed force. The move appeared to be a clear threat to the supremacy of a US-dominated Nato, which Mr Blair strongly supports.
Mr Putin insisted that the United Nations should be involved in the search for weapons of mass destruction. "If something is found there, some empty barrels, then the UN inspectors could be summoned," he said.
The Telegraph piece is replete with other important details (e.g., with regard to the "Food for Oil Programme" and should be read in full to appreciate the extent of Russian obstructionism.

Of course, the antagonism between the US and the new axis was not born yesterday - historical processes do not usually have a birthday. But yesterday may serve as a convenient marker for pedagogical purposes - and you read it here first (unless someone else has suggested the same thing already).

What has all this to do with IsraPundit and pro-Israel advocacy?

If Cold War I implies any lesson regarding Israel, it is this: Just as the two blocks of Cold War I outdid themselves in trying to lure the Arab/Moslem states into their camp (the Soviet block having succeeded much more than the western democracies), so it may be in Cold War II. Guess at whose expense the luring will be done. With the RoachMap being currently delivered, this prospect send chills down my spine (with apologies for the implied pun).