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April 23, 2003

CIA and the Peace Process

IMRA has a great article dated Jan 2000
The American intelligence agency bears the main responsibility for the military development of the Palestinian Authority. CIA agents organized courses for snipers, trained special units, and provided sophisticated listening devices, all in exchange for security cooperation with Israel. Now George Tenet, the head of the organization, and John O'Connor, station chief in Israel, have become the only communications channel between the sides. No great success has been chalked up.

After four years of active involvement by the CIA in the security contacts between the sides, the failure to calm the situation is glaring. The agreements (that were violated) concerning the Beit Jala-Gilo sector and the meetings between Israeli and Palestinian security elements in Cairo placed O'Connor, Tenet, and the entire CIA organization in the embarrassing situation in which the sides may possibly be beating a path to their door, but do not honor any agreement to which they committed themselves before it [the CIA].
These are the people who will be responsible for bringing terror to an end. Deja Vu.