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April 04, 2003

Canadian Friends of America Rally

I attended a rally today in downtown Toronto in order to show that I and most Canadians are friends of America. I'm glad I did. It was a tremendous rush to stand with other Canadians who are ashamed of Canada and wanted to express love and solidarity with the US. Maybe 8,000 (according to the Globe and Mail) showed up notwithstanding that it took place in freezing drizzle.. Lots of great signs and large flags. All kinds of great patriotic songs were played and sung including I love New York and God Bless America.

There were many speeches which were all up lifting. Speakers including a daughter of one of the Canadian victims of 9/11, Pinball Clemens who was an American and now makes his home in Toronto by choice, and a Canadian woman whose brother is with the Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Conservative Ernie Eves, the Premier of Ontario, spoke and was great. StephenHarper, the leader of the Canadian Alliance spoke eloquently. So did a Conservative MP whose name slipped my mind.

Two speakers from the Liberals were booed and shouted down. The crowd was in no mood to hear the Liberal position explained for the umpteenth time.

There were some anti-war types carrying signs and they were roughed up and their signs destroyed. It was our party and they weren't invited.

It was great.