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April 13, 2003

Call to Action - Washington Post Petition

Eye On The Post is calling on people to sign a petition to the Washington Post publisher. The text of the petition, copied from is given below.

The site, provides 112 examples where the Post published overtly anti-Israel material under the guise of reporting.

To sign the petition, go to

Petition text:


We, the undersigned, believe that the Washington Post has failed to provide fair and honest reporting about the relentless Palestinian terror campaign against Israel. The Washington Post routinely and materially misreports the cause and consequence of the terrorism and Israel’s reaction. The undersigned hold diverse opinions about how to resolve the conflict, but we are unanimous in our belief that fair and honest reporting is essential for an understanding of the conflict.

We protest The Washington Post's unfair and inaccurate reporting. The Post often employs techniques that convey a distorted impression of Israel’s reaction to terrorism. Many of these techniques can be observed in the examples set forth in our list of 110 examples of biased reporting in the Washington Post. They include:

* photos and headlines that consistently portray the Palestinians as victims and the Israeli military as oppressors,
* highlighting or relying exclusively on the Palestinian version of events,
* suppressing or expressing doubt about the Israeli versions of events,
* relying upon inaccurate or untrustworthy sources to verify facts,
* emphasizing damage to Palestinians and de-emphasizing damage sustained by Israelis,
* headlining deaths of Palestinian women and children while downplaying similar Israeli deaths,
* using the active voice to describe the killing of Palestinians (ÞIsraeli soldiers shot”) and the passive voice to describe the killing of Israelis (ÞIsraelis were killed,”), and
* misrepresenting historic facts.

We call on you, Bo Jones, to tell your readers the truth and to fairly report the facts.
I urge IsraPundit readers to sign the petition.