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April 16, 2003

Call the State Department re. INCITEMENT, and the Roadmap

from Standwithus
This literally takes minutes. Maybe 3 minutes.
Call Congressmen also...
Leave a message on the State Department Comment line (or speak to a live
person) regarding the Roadmap language... that it include Palestinian incitement...(details below)
Call 202-647-6575
Listen, and the menu will tell you to press 1, then it will tell you to
press 1 again...
Remember: once the language of the Roadmap is in place, it will be
impossible to challenge...
Please forward.
Tell them that the issue of Palestinian INCITEMENT must be included in the
language of the Roadmap. That it must be measurable and the new
Palestinian cabinet must be accountable.
Give them a list of your concerns:
The big pictures on Palestinian street corners of suicide bombers must
come down.
The PA teachers must stop inciting mistrust and hatred of Jews and Israel,
The Clerics must stop calling for the murder of Jews, and they must STOP
telling dangerous mythological lies about what Jews "do": that they use
the blood of Arab children in their cookies, matzas, etc... that they rape
Palestinian women, etc...
The television shows must stop their diet of incitement through their
mythological stories about Jews who never existed in the region, incitment
of hate through children's television programs must stop
Military training camps for children...