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April 29, 2003

Brian Wms. vs Larry King

Please don’t tell me that All-American boy, heir-apparent Brian Williams, MSNBC anchor has found himself on to the Saudi Arabian/Syrian Pension Plan – and at such an early age too?

How else could one explain the powder puff, Larry King-like, obsequious interview given to two of the most pro-Arab, out of reality members of the U.S. Congress – Nick J. Rahall II from West Virginia and Darrell Issa of California - both just returned from a self-starting visit to Bashar Assad of Syria.

Rahall in the spring of 2002 was one of only 21 Congressman of 435 who voted against Resolution 392 supporting Israel’s war against Palestinian terrorism. Just now, in April 2003, he was again one of only 23 members of 435 who voted against a similar resolution supporting Israel and our mutual war against terrorism.

Darrell Issa is another different Congressman with questionable loyalties. Debbie Schlussel, political commentator writing in Political USA of November 30, 2001, calls him “Jihad Darrell.” It seems Issa made a similar trip to the Middle East in November 2001. Upon his return Issa announced that the terrorist organization Hezbollah was a legitimate organization! He somehow ignored the fact that it was Hezbollah who blew up 241 US Marines in Beirut in the 1980s and also tortured and murdered U.S. Military attaché, Cleo Noel and later kidnapped, tortured and murdered CIA Chief William Buckley in the US Embassy in Beirut. Issa also applauded Yasser Arafat as a “charismatic individual who gives you the food off his plate when you lunch with him.”

Rahall and Issa, fellow Arab American members of the House International Relations Committee, just came back from their latest jaunt to Syria and were interviewed as if conquering heroes by Brian Williams. The two Congressmen described Bashar Assad, President of Syria as some young innocent. Williams forgot to ask the Congressman if they had gone on their own, despite Administrative or even State Department recommendations. He also forgot to ask them if they had queried Assad about Syria’s incorporating, through conquest, Lebanon into Greater Syria or the use of the Bekka Valley in Southern Lebanon as one of the largest heroin plantations in the world. He forgot to ask them about Syria’s role supplying weapons to Iraq during our recent war and the importing illegally of Iraqi oil in a private deal undermining UN resolutions. He also forgot to ask them about Syria as the terrorist headquarters of all the sleazy, killer organizations of the world. He forgot to ask them about a lot of very pertinent, damning behavior, both by themselves and by Syria and Bashar Assad.

Brian Williams did allow them to leave the impression of Bashar Assad as just an innocent, misunderstood young man with a kind, westernized heart. The interview proved to be about as sickening as those of Larry King slobbering over every despot in the world.

We can only hope that this Williams interview was an aberration and Brian Williams is not indeed making an early application for the Saudi Arabian/ Syrian Pension Plan as offered to important media people and retiring members of the American State Department and Administration.