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April 09, 2003

Be Strong, Baghdad, says new Palestinian Authority music video

A New PA Music Video

By Itamar Marcus
A new Palestinian Authority music video being broadcast repeatedly during the last few days on official Palestinian television glorifies the “heroic” fighting of the Iraqis and celebrates the casualties inflicted on the US forces. Pictured twice are scenes of US soldiers carrying away a body of a killed comrade, and the last picture in the video is a coffin draped with American and British flags.
The following refrain is sung repeatedly:

“Be strong, Baghdad, be strong
Pressure the evil ones.
Don't fear bombings and siege
Pull the trigger.
The despicable ones must go.”

The video shows numerous scenes of cheering Iraqis holding their automatic rifles aloft and includes Iraqis celebrating near a downed US helicopter.

The clip is named “Be Strong Baghdad” and the vocalist is the popular Palestinian singer Jamal al-Najar.