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April 29, 2003

At the CBC, Israel is always the villain

Robert Fulford at the National Post pulls no punches.
Last Sunday, on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio news broadcast, a reporter from Jerusalem described Hamas as "the Islamic resistance movement" -- and nothing else. In another organization, an editor might have asked the reporter to acknowledge that while some call Hamas a resistance movement, others consider it a band of vicious killers. But at the CBC, this piece of flagrant disinformation went floating out, unchallenged, through the innocent Canadian air.

It was not the result of carelessness. It was acceptable CBC practice, in the style familiar to students of Middle East warfare who follow the CBC. It stands as a perfect symbol of the intellectual corruption that has attacked the CBC from within, and conquered it.

At the CBC, "diversity" has become a sacred word. Management demands diversity in hiring and programming. That means diversity of race, religion and sex; it doesn't mean diversity of opinion, which has become anathema in CBC news. Once the CBC staff was regarded as an unmanageable band of individualists, but lately it has learned to think as a herd.

Reporters, producers and writers speak with a single voice. They view the governments of the United States and Israel with great suspicion, and project their suspicions through the news. MORE
I urge you to read this attack in its entirety. Even if you are not a Canadian, the accusations could just as justifiably be made against CNN, BBC, NYT and the like.