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April 10, 2003

Arafat and Mazem

Two sides of the same coin
Ruth Matar of Women in Green writes,
Yesterday, U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair held a joint press conference in Belfast, Ireland. In the midst of waging a difficult war in Iraq, President Bush still had much to say about Israel in their joint press conference. President Bush said that the Middle East is undergoing a period that is "full of hope" and that he is very happy with the new Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Abu Mazen. The American President, who has refused to meet with Yasser Arafat, said that he is interested in meeting Abu Mazen "in order to implement the Road Map". He once again stated that his goal is to see a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.

[...]Why is President Bush anxious to meet with Abu Mazen, since he refuses to meet with Arafat? Abu Mazen is just as much a terrorist as Arafat. They co-founded the PLO in 1964, and Abu Mazen has been the Number 2 Man from the very beginning. The many atrocities committed by the PLO since that time were planned by both Arafat and his comrade in arms Abu Mazen.

Arafat and Abu Mazen are the godfathers of Arab terrorism. They invented it. It was under their orders that the first commercial airliners were hijacked. It was under their orders that U.S. diplomats and other civilians were murdered. It was under their orders that Olympic athletes were killed. It was under their orders that hundreds of innocent Americans and thousands of innocent Israelis have perished.

There is no difference between Arafat and Abu Mazen. Let me repeat that for emphasis: There is absolutely no difference between Arafat and Abu Mazen.

Does it make sense for the United States, in its war against world terror, to promote Abu Mazen to the office of Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority?

Even Abu Mazen's fellow-terrorist, Marwan Barghouti, who is currently on trial in an Israeli court for wholesale murder of Jews, finds this idea ludicrous. "Abu Mazen is a Prime Minister, and I'm a terrorist?" he asked the reporters in the courtroom.

In fact, some Israeli analysts feel that Abu Mazen is even more radical than Arafat. He is a Holocaust denier, and has written a PhD thesis that even if some Jews were killed in the Holocaust, it was a very small number. He further claims that Jews collaborated with the Nazis in the murder of fellow Jews, in order to gain the sympathy of the world in their plan to dispossess the Arabs of Palestine.

Unfortunately, the laundering of Abu Mazen has succeeded. Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom is quoted as saying "the Europeans and the U.S. see Abu Mazen as some kind of messiah". But we must remember that Abu Mazen has a very extremist and uncompromising stand regarding the 'right of return'. The Arabs demand that millions of Arabs be allowed to enter Israel and settle there - a quick and easy way of turning Israel into a non-Jewish State." (It should be pointed out that at the most 600,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948.)

Who is behind the laundering of Abu Mazen? Certainly, the Europeans. Most definitely, the US State Department which has never been happy about the re-birth of Israel. And, of course, the Head of the State Department, Colin Powell. The State Department recently released a 2002 Country Report on Human Rights practices, which criticized Israel's human rights record. House Majority leader Tom DeLay criticized the State Department's Human Rights report, arguing that comparing the human rights record of Israel and its pluralistic government with the PA terror network is "absolutely ridiculous".

Mr. DeLay further stated: "No moral equivalence exists between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, and no Quartet of appeasers will obscure that fact. Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and his cronies are enemies of peace and a threat to the community of civilized nations. The barriers to peace are not in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government, but in Yasser Arafat's compound."

However, U.S. pressure on Israel not to criticize Abu Mazen is applied full force. How else can you explain the Israeli Defense Forces, on their official website, publishing an interview of Abu Mazen with the Arab newspaper Alsharak Alawast, on March 3rd, 2003, justifying the armed struggle of the Arabs against Israel. Almost immediately, this interview was taken off their website without any explanation.

I'm quoting verbatim from Abu Mazen's interview as it appeared on the IDF official website:

"We did not say, however, that we're giving up the armed struggle… It is our right to oppose. The Intifada must continue. The Palestinian people have a right to oppose using all means at their disposal to protect their existence."

Before the Abu Mazen interview was taken off the IDF official website, the Women in Green fortuitously copied the article preparatory to putting it on our website,

Who gave the order to the Israeli Defense Forces to take the Abu Mazen interview off their website? What is Israel's possible interest in promoting another terrorist, Abu Mazen, to the position of Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority? I think that Israel is unfortunately letting itself be pressured into becoming a first class banana republic! What has happened to the erstwhile Lion of Judah, Ariel Sharon?

Does it make sense for America to support Palestinian statehood with Arab hatred for America at an all-time high?

We are fortunate to be able to discuss this issue with the Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh. He works with the Jerusalem Post, and is also a senior writer for the Jerusalem Report.

(A recording of this entire program, including the interview, is available on Click on Radio/On Demand Audio)

The question is: Will the United States adopt the immoral policy of rewarding its detractors and enemies, and forcing a Palestinian state down Israel's throat?

The Holiday of Passover commemorates the occasion described in our Holy Bible, when Jews who were slaves in Egypt gained their freedom. The Jews, going through forty difficult years in the desert, finally arrived in their Promised Land.

After a 2000 year hiatus, Jews miraculously returned to their original home in Israel. Nevertheless, our existence continues to be threatened both by our friends and by our enemies. The latest such threat is in the form of a Road Map that will lead us to still another dangerous "false peace" with the Arabs.

It is these very Arabs, led by Arafat and Abu Mazen, who have engaged in murders and suicide bombings of Jews over the past two years throughout our historic homeland and elsewhere. Sadly, the same problem existed even before that time frame. The fact is that Arabs have sought the destruction of the democratic Jewish State in the Middle East, from Israel's rebirth in 1948 to this very day. These Arabs have continuously fought several unsuccessful wars against Israel to accomplish this goal.

Let us pray at this Holiday of Passover, when there is hovering over us the dire consequences of the "Road Map", that the God of Israel will be gracious to His Jewish People once again. Just as He brought us out from slavery to freedom, may He deliver us from the Road Map. May this joyous Holiday bring yet another miracle - that of a true and lasting peace for the Jewish People in their ancient homeland.