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April 08, 2003

Arabs ‘won’t recognize’ puppet American administration in Iraq

Are these retards also going to eliminate Iraq on their maps? Don't these folks ever learn to take their heads out of the sand and confront reality? Now, Arab leaders, try this: The Bush administration has announc;ed that it will allow Iraq to remian with the price fixing OPEC. But if that country is not recognized....?
As the US military pounds Baghdad and prepares to unveil its plans for running the areas of Iraq it has already conquered, the Beirut daily Al-Mustaqbal states that most Arab states will refuse to recognize any new government that is established in the country under American auspices.
The paper says that a recommendation to that effect was made by a “legal and political committee” set up by Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa to “consider available options in the event of US forces managing to seize Baghdad and topple the Iraqi regime.” The committee concluded that no recognition should be extended to any “government established under occupation,” even if that means suspending Iraq’s membership of the Arab League.

The legal rationale is that Arab League membership is only open to independent states, the paper quotes senior league sources as saying ­ which is why it had only seven members (including Iraq) at its inception in 1945, with the other Arab countries joining as soon as each achieved its independence over the course of the next quarter of a century.
The sources say the committee considered previous cases in which Arab countries had faced “recognition problems,” such as Somalia, which continued for years to be represented at the league by envoys of the pre-civil war regime after it ceased to exist in Mogadishu, until a consensus was reached in favor of recognizing President Abelkader Sallad Hassan’s government.
But the Iraqi case is without precedent, the sources add. If the American and British invaders get their way, it will be the fist time ever that an Arab state has “lost its independence after achieving it,” and this calls for a collective stance by the other Arab League members.
The sources add that “the only case in which the Arabs would recognize a new regime in Iraq” is if a conference were held under UN auspices to arrange for the election of a new Iraqi government. “But having American army generals in charge is unacceptable. There is no way they could have representation at the League, and none of the Arab states would recognize them ­ except perhaps one or two,” the sources add.

Al-Mustaqbal adds that Arab governments have agreed “not to discuss this possibility openly” so as not to give the impression that they are complying with American demands to “come to terms with the post-Saddam era.” They also want to avoid undermining the brave resistance that the Iraqis are mounting to the invasion. While the league has publicly applauded that resistance, and is firmly opposed to the principle of changing ruling regimes by external force,” that does not mean it shouldn’t consider all the possibilities and prepare to face up to the different scenarios,” the paper’s sources explain.[more]