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April 09, 2003

Arab Volunteers Draw U.S. Scrutiny

Several thousand guerrilla fighters from Arab countries have flocked to Iraq in the past few weeks to join the battle against U.S. and British forces, with many of them now in the capital engaging in suicidal attacks, senior U.S. officers said Tuesday. They come from Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, and the Palestinian territories. Maj. Gen. James N. Mattis, commander of the 1st Marine Division, expressed outrage at the tactics employed by Arab fighters and some of the Iraqi paramilitary members. "They literally hide behind women and children, holding them in their houses as they fire," he said. (Washington Post)

Palestinian Fighters Vow Ongoing War against U.S. in Iraq
Palestinians in Lebanon refugee camps see the Iraqi conflict as part of a wider war with the United States and Israel. They believe that even if Saddam Hussein's regime is defeated, guerrilla war will continue in the region.
"There isn't one American soldier on Baghdad soil," said a reporter speaking from the Iraqi capital on Lebanon's Al-Manar television station, run by Hizballah. Asked about the sound of guns in the background, the reporter explained that it was caused by Iraqi soldiers firing into the air in celebration of pushing back the Americans. (Toronto Globe & Mail)