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April 11, 2003

All the News that is NOT fit to print

A dramatic revelation today by a CNN executive that their news is far from the truth. Something many conservatives and pro-israel organizations have been saying for years.

CNN executive Eason Jordan admits that the network regularly covered up stories of Iraqi torture and atrocities—out of simple fear: The News We Kept to Ourselves.

via ( LGF)

This does not surprise me in the least bit. This does beg the question though. What else are they hiding? What are they not telling the truth about the PLO and other arab internationally legitimized terrorists groups?

Don't watch CNN, or buy the NYTimes, or the LATimes. The NYTimes, LATimes, CNN, BBC, NPR have all aidded and abetted arab terrorism and murder for years. Any other "NEWS" orgs that I left out? "All the NEWS that we are not too afraid to print"

The building case against the New York times



They aided and abetted a murderous tyrant to gain access and thus a lite version of the real story simply for profit and then to spread the dictators version. What else are they lying about to gain access e.g. the PLO

So their errors were threefold:
They didn't tell the truth, their news presented as truth was lies.

They lied for a dictator and presented it as real news thus propping up a tyrant for profit.

The only reason they did it was for profit since they didn't even tell the truth so it wasn't newsworthy to lie for a dictator and pretend to be a newsagency.
That is called "Blood for Money."

Think about what this means in regards to all news organizations within arab areas. Are they all lying simply for access and to spread the propaganda of tyrants?

The NYTimes, the LATimes, NPR, BBC, CNN, AP, Reuters....

Now we know the news, the truth, no thanks to the "NEWS" people. Are all complicit in conspiring with international terrorist groups to commit murder. Knowing beforehand about a criminal act such as international terrorism and not reporting it is the legal definition of conspiracy. Conspiring to aid and abet known international terrorists groups for monetary proift breaks numerous international and national laws that can result in criminal prosecution.