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April 11, 2003

Al-Nidaa, the website of the Al-Qa’ida organization, Reacts to fall of Iraq

MEMRI gives us this piece from the ever-moving about website of Al-Qa'ida. These guys never learn. Russia lost Afghanistan. Taliban lost in Afghanistan. Yet they continue to believe they are on the winning side.
The Al-Nidaa website, which is regularly knocked off the Web and thus its URL changes every few days, (1) is posting a series of articles on "The Crusader War in Iraq." The first article asks 35 questions, and the answers are published in the successive segments, at the rate of one every few days.

The seventh segment, dated April 9, 2003, was written after the American forces entered Baghdad and following the disappearance of the leaders of the Iraqi regime. It claimed that the only way to deal successfully with militarily superior forces is guerilla warfare:

"First of all, what is happening today, Wednesday, in Baghdad – that is, Crusader forces entering the heart [of the capital] without fighting – surprised no one who examined the events according to military parameters, because the entrance into cities was anticipated, sooner or later, and the situation in the field did not allow steadfastness by the Iraqi defense [system as long as it functioned as a] regular [army]."

"Yes, we cannot deny that we were surprised at the ease of their entrance into Baghdad, and [also] that there was no resistance whatsoever by the city. So far we are incapable of understanding where the tens of thousands of the regular troops disappeared to overnight. We expected some resistance, at least of the level that was demonstrated that was at Um Qasr. Although we don’t know the reasons, we are convinced that if the resistance in Baghdad had been waged by regular forces, it would have collapsed, and fairly quickly. It appears that the Iraqi commanders were also convinced that the modus operandi of regular [forces], even if it were capable of putting up resistance for a few weeks, would collapse in the absence of elements for steadfastness. Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashem said on the sixth day of the war that Baghdad would be besieged, but would not fall. The fact that they were convinced that there would be a siege was in itself sufficient to convince them that they could not withstand using the modus operandi of regular [forces]..."

"We expected that the method of defense of regular or semi-regular [forces] would collapse, and it would be impossible to withstand. From the beginning of this series of articles, we have focused on the modus operandi of guerilla warfare. This is the most powerful weapon Muslims have, and it is the best method to continue the conflict with the Crusader enemy who has stripped the nation of all the meanings of [military] might, and there is no chance that in the years to come we will be allowed to possess the elements of strength. Thus, the best method of struggle for the weak against the strong is guerilla warfare."

"With guerilla warfare, the Americans were defeated in Vietnam and the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan. This is the method that expelled the direct Crusader colonialism from most of the Muslim lands, with Algeria the most well known. We still see how this method stopped Jewish immigration to Palestine, and caused reverse immigration of Jews from Palestine. The successful attempts of dealing defeat to invaders using guerilla warfare are many, and we will not expound on them. However, these attempts have proven that the most effective method for the materially weak against the strong is guerilla warfare..." (2)
(1) As of the morning of April 11, it was