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April 25, 2003

Abbas, Arafat end Palestinian Cabinet standoff

22 news items (linksprovided) and this summary:

A Palestinian suicide bomber killed a guard in a rush-hour attack at an Israeli train station Thursday, a day after the incoming Palestinian prime minister formed a cabinet that clears the way for a new U.S. peace plan. (5) Israel will invite Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Mahmoud Abbas to Jerusalem to discuss restarting the peace process once a new Palestinian Cabinet is in place, an Israeli official said Thursday. (14) Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and his designated prime minister agreed yesterday on a new Cabinet, breaking an impasse that had threatened to derail a U.S.-backed peace initiative. (11) The installation of a new Palestinian government clears the way for the quick publication of the Mideast "road map" peace plan, which the Palestinians say will soon require Israeli concessions and lead to a Palestinian state by 2005. (19) Arafat and his prime minister-designate , Mahmoud Abbas, ended their bitter deadlock over the composition of a new Cabinet on Wednesday, clearing the way for a new Mideast peace initiative backed by Washington. (15) The bombing drove home the challenge facing the designated Palestinian prime minister , Mahmoud Abbas, who will be expected to rein in militants as part of a new peace initiative. (2)