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April 07, 2003

"23 Reasons" - Now as PDF

Thanks to Michael Glazer, the FIRST DRAFT of the series of articles, 23 reasons to oppose the creation of a second Palestinian-Arab state in Yesha is now available as one PDF file. (The 23-part series was initially posted on IsraPundit.) The document may be found at:

The 98-page file is a long one (over 350K), and modem users do have to exercise patience while the file downloads. An alternative is the ZIP equivalent of the PDF file, which is 270K long and which may be retrieved at

Since the document posted is a FIRST DRAFT, it may contain errors and may require updating in view of recent developments. For this reason, the entire document is being reviewed with the objective of creating a second version. Comments of any kind, including corrections, suggestions for improvements, and counter-arguments, are most welcome. Please forward your comments to me at (and please note that this address ends with CA - as in Canada - and not with the usual COM).

We intend to inform selected pro-Israel organizations about the availability of this document. The tentative list includes aipac, jta, jnewswire, israelmybeloved, christianactionforisrael, and ifcj. If you have additional suggestions, please forward them to me.

As the Quartet steamroller is about to ram the Roadmap down Israel's throat, I feel that posting the "23 reasons" amounts to a pistol shooting at a tank; still, one has to try.