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March 15, 2003

ZOA takes a sober look at the Bush appeasement of the PA

ZOA has been monitoring the non compliance of the PA in relation to Bush’s demand, as set out in his June, 2002 speech. In weekly reports, the ZOA has documented and proved clear non-compliance. Now that Bush has made yet another speech of appeasement (Friday, 14 March 2003), the ZOA has posted a protest which can be read at the IMRA site. The protest comes under the following five headings:

1. Embracing Mahmoud Abbas, Who Denies the Holocaust and Calls for the Murder of Israelis;
2. Adopting the "Road Map" to Palestinian Arab Statehood--even Before the Pa Has Met Bush's Own Conditions for Statehood;
3. Israeli "Settlements" must End as Soon as There Is Undefined "Progress"--and No Mention of Arab Settlements;
4. Creating a Palestinian Arab State Before There Is Any Evidence of Real Change by the Palestinian Arabs;
5. Moral Equivalency.
ZOA’s protest should be read in full.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.