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March 05, 2003

World Bank criticises Israel

ThisBBC report tells us how the Palestinian economy is suffering (how much is Arafat worth?) and how the Israelis have caused is. Quick solution? Let the Palestinian workers return to jobs inside Israel! And Israeli's economy? Not mentioned. And the money EU has given PLO that has been stoledn or misused for terror? Not mentioned.
It says more than half the Palestinian population is now living on less than two dollars a day and that only massive foreign aid is preventing full economic collapse.

This is an attempt by the World Bank to quantify in facts and figures the enormous human suffering the conflict with Israel is causing the Palestinian people.

It says the main cause has been Israel's closure of routes from Palestinian areas into Israel and the imposition of curfews and closures in Palestinian towns and villages.

"In practice, these restrictions are applied more rigorously to manufacturers and traders attempting to move goods out of Palestinian cities than to those bringing goods in from Israel," says the report.

Israel's challenge

The World Bank acknowledges that Israel has regretted the impact of these measures, which it says are aimed at stopping suicide bombers and gunmen from killing its citizens.

However, the Bank stresses that the actions of the Israeli Government have a direct impact on the Palestinian economy.[more]