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March 10, 2003


There can be no half measures.

There is a diversity of opinion as to what Bush intends to do with the Palestinian/Israel conflict after regime change in Iraq. Who will the pressure be on, the Palestinians or the Israelis? On the one side are those that believe that the Jews have been sold out throughout history, including by the US in the last fifty years, and will again be, to settle the dispute. On the other side are those that believe that the present administration thinks it is more in the US interest to support Israel than to undermine it.

To answer this question, one must look to the threat the US is facing. In the past, Communism aside, it has been all about protecting the oil supply. Now it is about the threat posed by terrorism soon to become the threat posed by terrorism armed with weapons of mass destruction, a very serious threat indeed. This threat is intended to bring about a shift in the balance of power from the US to the Islamic world. World dominance, if you will.

There is no shortage of people or countries that are presently financing and assisting this threat to materialize. If left unchecked, one can envisage a situation where Iraq acquires such weapons and then invades Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Just as Hitler posed a threat to the world that it did not want to confront, Hussein poses a similar threat today. Currently the anti-war forces are very strong, arguing that the disease doesn’t warrant the cure. Do you suppose they would become stronger or weaker if both the disease and the cure increased in magnitude.

Because of 9/11, the US decided to make war on terror and defeat it no matter how long it took. The hallmarks of this war are “either you are with us or against us”, “those who support the terrorists will suffer the fate of the terrorists” and “self-defence requires pre-emption”. This war cannot be won with half measure. To defeat and reconstruct Afghanistan is not enough. To defeat and reconstruct Iraq is not enough. The US must continue to not only destroy the terrorists but must also to cause regime change where the regimes support terrorists. Thus there must be a transformation either in the leadership or its policies in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iran. This is the theatre of greatest interest to the US, because of its oil resources. Of lesser importance is the Far East theatre centred on Pakistan and the African theatre.

North Korea is part of the threat in all theatres because it has WMD and is selling them to whoever can afford them. America, although understating the problem now or their intentions in dealing with it, knows that it must deal with this real threat as soon as possible.

How does the Palestinian/Israeli conflict fit into the overall strategy of the US. Will the US buy a change in Arab support of terrorism with Israel coinage. To weaken Israel by requiring it to accommodate Palestinian desires would be to strengthen the Arab regimes that surround it. The US would be trading the reality of a strong ally, Israel, for the promise of a questionable, friendly Arab collective. That is the same as asking Israel to give the reality of land for the promise of peace.

I believe that America is playing from a strong hand now and will press their advantage against the Arabs without working at cross-purposes by weakening Israel. Until now the Arab regimes identified Israel as the source of their problems or their enemy mainly to deflect the anger of their masses away from their own regimes. Now they are faced with a real enemy, America. They can no longer have a dual relationship with the terrorists and with America. Either they will get on board the American Juggernaut or they will be crushed. This has nothing to do with Israel. It has everything to do with whether their regimes survive. That’s a little closer to home. The Arabs have to worry about pacifying America, rather than the other way around. No time to worry about the “poor Palestinians” or about destroying Israel.

Yet, because of the past history one wonders if America will force the creation of a Palestinian state at the expense of Israel in order to enable the Arabs to claim victory and to pacify their masses. Anything short of Barak’s offer would not suffice and would be seen as a defeat for the Arabs. Better to strong arm the Arabs into acceptance of a lesser proposal rather than attempt to pacify them. This they understand.

In fact at the core of American thinking in their war against radical Islam is not military victory but psychological victory. The US cannot hope to defeat the forces of radical Islam militarily, because all their efforts, while harassing them and hindering them, will only serve to energize them. Similarly, Israel’s war on terror has the same result. What is needed for both the US and Israel, is action, so psychologically devastating, as to sow the seeds of despair and banish all hope of ultimate victory. To further undermine radical Islam, Israel must put an end to Palestinian incitement and America must put an end to the ideological underpinnings of radical Islam, namely Wahabbism which is funded by Saudi Arabia throughout the world.

The utter defeat of Iraq and the Palestinian terrorism are part of the same battle plan. America and Israel will stick to their guns literally and figuratively, until ultimate victory.