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March 01, 2003

Why Left is Wrong on Islam

Talk about backgrounds! Here is a former Moslem, now an agnostic Jew, denouncing his fellow Socialists for their intolerance
[...] The reason these two issues are so overwhelmingly important to me is I am an Ex-Moslem: I was raised in the United States by Middle-Eastern Moslems who were Western-educated in the 1950s and 1960s – and I am well aware of the underlying motives behind what Islam stands for: I was one of the indoctrinated for 27 years.

Before I explain further, I think it’s very important to note here Islam is not just a religion. Islam is a religion, a social structure, a legal system that decides innocence and guilt, a penal system that metes out punishment, and a way of thinking about the world based around the four preceding ideas.

Islam, using the five ideas I mention, plays a key role in oppression, deception, human rights abuses, and maintaining “the status quo.” Islamic countries and movements lead Amnesty International’s and Human Rights Watch’s list of wrongdoers against basic human rights “All Movements Left,” including The Socialist Movement, stand for. I add with great vigor that I, as an Ex-Moslem, also stand for these human rights: I know what it is like to live without them, even in a Western country. Such abuses within the social structure of Islam are not limited to the Middle East, I assure you.

It bothers me, in this time of moral crisis, that The Socialist Movement takes a pro-Islam, pro-Palestine stance. I know the arguments: the underdog, fostering change, supporting the oppressed. But what I have watched “All Movements Left” do over the last year shocks me – because I was once a part of that pro-Islamic, pro-Palestinian community and I know all too well where the greater oppression lies.

Never once have I heard the atrocities done by Moslems to Moslems (in a world-wide sense) condemned. I know such atrocities happen: I have not only heard of them, I have seen them. Yet, The Socialists are silent: why? [more]