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March 09, 2003

Why Dafka?

Dafka is "a consortium of students, faculty members, journalists and concerned community activists who are tired of the Palestinian propaganda being dispensed on our country's college campuses and in the community in general. As for the name:“DAFKA”. The word has many meanings in hebrew. It refers to the period when the tribes of Moses were at their lowest and received manna from heaven. Classically it means “between thine eyes”. Contemporaneously, it means “inspite of…”. And in modern hebrew slang it means “in your face!”.

What better word to name our organization? DAFKA came into existence because mainstream Jewish and Israel support groups here in the US are just not doing enough, are too unaware or too “politically correct” to deal with professionally packaged Palestinian propagandists on our university campuses. In the view of DAFKA, they arrange bagel brunches and spend more time preaching to the choir than going after the enemy. In so doing, they ignore what is going on before them (“between thine yes”).

DAFKA’s purpose is to enlighten the non-Jewish community on our campuses and nationwide to the lies of the Islamic Arab Fascists on our campuses as well as fellow Jews who are not as effective as they could and should be in order to truly help Israel in this Oslo War and against the world’s attempt to dismantle the Jewish State.