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March 16, 2003

Why Are They Stripping?

I encourage people to read this Op-Ed by Moshe Feiglin over at Arutz-7. Here are some highlights of this piece.

The basic idea of the Left, one that has become strengthened by the post-modernist approach, is that absolute truth does not exist. There are merely different ways of looking at things. Some people think that Saddam is evil and Bush is good, but perhaps the opposite is true. We shall never know, because there is no such thing as good and evil.

The hammer of world evil needs the anvil of the Left in order to function. Hitler would not have come to power without the Leftist pacifist movements in Europe and the US. Pol Pot would not have slaughtered millions of his own countrymen were it not for Jane Fonda, who helped cause the US forces to leave Vietnam...People would not be blown up in buses in Israel if it were not for the Beilins and Yael Dayans, who brought the terrorists here through precisely the same approach. By the way, Jane Fonda visited Israel not long ago, and just like Beilin and Dayan, who are not sorry for a moment for bringing terrorists here and giving them rifles, Fonda not only fails to acknowledge her direct responsibility for the slaughter of millions, but even continues to call for the continuation of the same approach.

Not to fight against evil means joining it. To say that war is always evil is an immoral statement that advances the cause of evil. There is nothing more moral than a justified war. Those who say that war is in itself immoral are casting off one of the foundations of morality. It´s only a short step from there to casting off the basic moral foundations of all civilized people who assume them naturally. "Make love not war" - they propose that we descend to the moral level of monkeys.

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