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March 16, 2003

What, me worry

Israel takes the Road Map in its stride.

JPost reports,
[...]The government received a draft of the latest road map proposal in December and a team established by Sharon has been working on a response ever since. It reportedly includes more than 100 amendments to the Quartet's proposal, including a demand that the Palestinian leadership publicly declare that it waives its claim to refugees' right of return.

National Religious and National Union politicians who oppose the creation of a Palestinian state said they are not alarmed by Bush's comments about moving forward with his road map.

"I'm worried, but not too worried," said MK Uri Ariel (National Union). He said he does not see how much progress could be made until Palestinian terrorism ceases and the war with Iraq is over.

MK Shaul Yahalom (NRP) said it is possible to move forward on some points in the road map before worrying about the creation of a Palestinian state. "The NRP absolutely opposes a Palestinian state," said Yahalom. But he added that even in light of Bush's statements on Friday, it is still early in the process and he does not believe a Palestinian state is on the immediate horizon.

He added that it is a mistake for the US to be optimistic about the pending confirmation of Mahmoud Abbas as prime minister: "The point is not Abu Mazen. The point is that Arafat remains the president and chief commander of the Palestinian forces. We do not yet know if the terror will stop. Efforts toward a peace process can only be made after the terror is absolutely stopped."
Maybe its just for show. We'll see.

If we can't count on Bush, we can always count on Arafat and Hamas.