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March 09, 2003

What did the Belgians do in the Congo?

The Belgian Congo is a historical survey of what was an African colony of Belguim with records of the worst colonial atrocities in Africa by Europeans and its horrific remnants.

The Belgians have still not said they were sorry and there is new calls for a greater in-depth historical look into the evil misdeeds of the ruling colonial Belguims in the African Congo in light of the Belguim court ruling itself overseer of the world in regards to ethnic brutality targeting Israel's not stopping a massacre of several thousand by and to other peoples.

Remember, these are the same Belguims who allowed over a million Africans die in Rwanda after 10 of their soldiers were killed and they left their duty to protect those who were murdered when they fled. Also, the same Belguims who were against helping the 250,000 bosnian Muslims from being murdered by Serbians.

So, rightfully who if any country should be brought to trial? Israel not stopping a massacre of several thousand or Belguim for allowing over 1 million africans be murdererd, the horror of the Belgiam Congo colony and its subsequent aftermath of Mobutu, and the disaster of Kosovo?

King Leopold's Ghost does not rest: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa.

History of King Leopold's brutal rule of the Congo and the successful movement launched in England and the United States to bring his savagery to an end. Among the leaders of the opposition movement were Edmund D. Morel, Roger Casement, Mark Twain, and two African Americans, George Washington Williams and William Sheppard, who risked their lives by going to the Congo to gather information against Leopold.