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March 17, 2003


We conservatives are sensitive to these headlines which describe SUV's as taking their own wheel and driving into people or buildings. The liberals are going to have fun with this: Israeli Bulldozer Kills U.S. Woman, 23

I wondered, just how did a bulldozer kill an American woman? Oh, she killed herself, by standing in its way. It was destroying the home of a suspected Palestinian militant.

She was a 23 year-old student from Olympia Washington, and an Evergreen College student. To clarify, that is the same Evergreen College that invited then-death row inmate and convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak via videotape at the 1999 graduation ceremony. Is it any surprise that this school is producing people who think this way?

But if I must be reverent, at least this human shield actually stood in harm's way instead of complaining about the food and fleeing before harm came. Too bad this student wasn't from a school that doesn't glorify capital criminals. Too bad she chose to waste her life protecting them.

Cross-posted by michael parker at PROLEGOMENA