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March 12, 2003


This cute snippet at The Puddle
I attended a debate in Boalt Hall today, between two law students both named Will. They debated the Arab-Israeli conflict and the divestment petition, granting each time to speak, rebut and answer questions. The event was made into a fundraiser, where after the debate each side collected money for its cause. They asked the money reflect the effectiveness of their speech, as a measure of how convincing they were. At the end of the event, the pro-Palestinian Will had $64, and the pro-Israel Will had $145. The moment of truth came when pro-Palestinian Will was asked why the divestment petition never called for peace, or a solution to the conflict. He was stumped for a few seconds, ah… what a beautiful awkward silence it was! Finally blurting that peace was the obvious objective and therefore didn’t need to be spelled out, the debate ended on a losing note for pro-Palestinian Will