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March 24, 2003

Victor David Hanson

Is as good as ever.

In an article Dumb and Dummer in NRO

In a variety of subtle ways, it is alleged that the war is part of a neoconservative (read, Jewish) plot to force us to fight Sharon's battles. This conspiracy theory usually unfolds with preemptive--and often angry--disavowals that the suspicion is not at all anti-Semitic. Then it proceeds to round up the usual suspects: Perle, Wolfowitz, The Weekly Standard, Commentary, etc.

Yet if we choose to concentrate on individuals rather than on the American public (which is 98 percent non-Jewish and living outside New York and Washington, and is being polled weekly), there are really five people who are preeminent in crafting American foreign policy: George Bush, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. Three of them may be WASPs; the other two are African American. None are Jewish. All have a track record of being testy and independent, and hardly willing to be railroaded by anyone. And past history suggests that American successes in the Middle East usually lead to pressure on, not a free hand for, Israel.

Prior to the September attacks, Bush & co. were casting doubts on neoconservative ideas of "nation building" and Clintonian-type unilateral interventions--and I suspect they will all return to those affinities once the Iraq and North Korea crises have passed. But while the Bush team shares a wide variety of viewpoints, they all have reluctantly agreed that in a post-9/11 world, the United States will never be safe with an unhinged fascist dictator still in power--especially one who has a long history of surprise attacks against sovereign states, coupled with a habit of both acquiring weapons of mass destruction and abetting terrorists.

Midwesterners, westerners, and southerners--not eastern neoconservative Jews--are running this government. And they are going to war not for Israel, but because, like all Americans (including and especially Wolfowitz and Perle), they don't like allowing the safety of their beloved country to be contingent on the promises of assassins like Saddam Hussein, or of those appeasing neutrals who say not to worry about Saddam Hussein. MORE