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March 07, 2003


The New York Times sucks as usual, as many other writers have pointed out below. No matter how many times the palistinains lie about things, whatever they say is always reported as true. Israel should get smart and start having statements prepared more quickly. Also, whenever any one is killed they should not reply "we will check" but say they believe the person was under aking actions that were threatening peoples' lives. Since the army only shoots people in that situation, it is a correct belief. Also, Israel should make much more use of video tape. A video of gunman hiding behind school children would be very valuable. Two further notes on the Gaza Massacre. Israel killed eleven people - 8 supposedly innocent people. Many of the reports did mentioned that Israel was fighting hundreds of gunman with tanks and helicopters. Are we to believe that Israel only killed 3 of these hundreds of gunman? This does not make much sense. Two - they papers always quote doctors or hospitals for numbers of people killed and for WHO KILLED THEM AND HOW AND WHAT THEY WERE DOING WHEN THEY WERE KILLED. This is obviously poor journalistic practice since the doctors and hospitals may have some knowledge of how many were killed and maybe some information as to how but they only have second hand knowledge of who did it and what the people were doing. The press makes an assumption that doctors are honest that just may be so in the US but it is obvious not so among the arabs. Many of the heads of terrorist groups are medical doctors.

Who said Nazis are no good.

There has been much talk about links between the extreme Left and Right and the anti Americanism of both groups. Well it seems one white supremacist may not have known this since one of these guys attacked Jihad Johnny Walker in jail. I think this calls for an early release - of the nazi.

Human Shields Yield
Well it seems all the human shields are returning from Iraq. What a bunch of bozos. The US ones should not be let back in. When they experienced a bit of Saddam's totalitarianism they turned tail and fled. They wanted to shield orphanages. Saddam said we do not care about orphanages and do not think American's will attack them. We want you to shield duel use facilities like fuel dumps. What a bunch of dumb putzes.