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March 20, 2003

Truth and Perspective On The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives

A lot of us who think about counterterror have been a little disappointed by the War on Terror's refusal to appreciate Palestinian terror for its proper place as the proving ground of the Islamofascist/Islamist -whatever politically incorrect term least offends - strategy of assymetrical warfare (ie.9/11-style terror).

Why should the US give Saddam his legacy of eternal jihad in Palestine? Enough already. Zionism isn't criminal or colonial and enough with the relativisms of Academia.

They keep telling us its all the same war but people refuse to believe them. As an Israeli - who used to go to Jericho, Kalikilya, Bethlehem, East Jerusalem for fun all the time- I am completely willing to make a real peace of coexistence.

But why, after the failure of Oslo, the rise and export of Saudi influenced extremist wahabbi Islam -with the Palestinian struggle at its core, the newspeak Erekatian doubletalk of Camp David and Sharm-El Sheikh, the intifada - the ensuing 9/11 wakeup call, would America want to imedialtely implement the successful realization of your enemy's aspiration?

He said it last night. That's what he wants-and that's what this administration wants to give him? This is an eternal legacy. The enemy of at least two presidents is going to be a hero for generations if a terrorist Palestine is created in the immediate aftermath of Iraq without a massive, sincere and genuine reversal in the Arab and Muslim world as relates not to the "criminal zionist entity", but to the free and democratic state of Israel. The silliness has to end.

What is so painfully obvious, is that it is precisely this Arab turnabout with Israel that will bring true peace and mutual prosperity to the region, and a good chunk of the world.