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March 24, 2003

Three cheers for America

Israel Forum stands behind America
We, as proud Americans, applaud our leadership for its brave decision to go it alone, in the face of opposition by our European rivals and our Islamic enemies. This is the beginning of the fall of the brutal Arab dictatorships that undermine world peace. We clearly understand that our safety here in the U.S., as well as the well-being of the Israeli nation is under direct threat by Iraq and other Arab enemies. Nonetheless, we are ready to make the necessary sacrifices to bring equity and relief to the victims of Iraq and of the other Arab and Muslim regimes in the Middle East.

The world has endured Arab oil embargoes, regional destabilization and Islamic terrorism, including the widespread use of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. Yet, countries like France, Germany, Russia and China oppose the United States and are willing to protect Saddam against removal. In fact, they have elected to tear apart the European Union, NATO and the UN, rather than force Saddam Hussein to lay down his chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. We must remember that the very same European countries which are replete with racism and anti-Semitism, and which house the largest Muslim communities, are also those which stand against America. These characteristics are not coincidental and must be addressed forcefully after the Iraq war. MORE