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March 04, 2003

There is only one war

With the capture of high ranking KLM, many Democrats are arguing that attacking Iraq is a distraction from the war on terror. Not so argues the JPost.
The more fundamental point, however, is that the distinction between the two fights is a false one.

The war against terrorism certainly has an operational component, which most narrowly conceived consists of killing and capturing the terrorists themselves. But to think that this is the heart of the matter is to misunderstand how terror works

Just as the terrorist's theory of victory depends on building a sense of inevitability about increasing casualties and danger, the West's theory of victory begins with puncturing that trend and dealing body blows to the terror network. The quick disposal of the Taliban in Afghanistan was one body blow.

The steady capture of al-Qaida terrorists is another. And the fall of Saddam Hussein will be the most dramatic blow yet.

It will be the greatest blow yet not just because Iraq, as US Secretary of State Colin Powell has argued, has direct ties to al-Qaida and funds terror against Israel. The significance of Saddam's fall will be similar to the way military planners describe the opening objective of an attack: to cause shock and awe in the enemy

The forceful deposition of Saddam will, more than anything done to date, tell the world that each linchpin in the terror network has a choice get out of the terror business or lose power.