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March 30, 2003

So get on with the arms race already

Sometimes I wonder if the US believes that other countries should only do as they say, and not as they themselves do.. This recent news report points to some arm-twisting of Israel and India from Washington.. (sit, boy, stay, good doggie..)

The Bush administration has informed Israeli officials in Washington that it opposes Israel’s selling three Phalcon AWACS planes to India.
The reports from Washington claim that the administration informed Israel that the $1 billion special military grant was contingent on canceling the Phalcon deal with India, which is worth almost $1 billion. A probably reason for the US request to cancel sophisticated early-warning planes to India is the tension between the two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan, and the US’s delicate position arising from the Iraq War.

The US is worried that supplying AWACS might accelerate the arms race in the already tense subcontinent.

Thats a bunch of pure horse-manure, excuse my French..!

It was the arms race which broke the back of the old Soviet Union, by forcing its inefficient, top-down bureaucracy into an economic war it could not win. Why not allow India and Pakistan to play the same game? Are they children, to be pampered and petted, and slapped around for being naughty. Each side in this conflict wants to win, each side is fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

I say to the US: let India buy their Phalcons, let Pakistan buy their Silkworms and their F-16s; then lets sit back and lay bets on whose economy collapses first, who makes a bigger laughing stock of itself to the world. In the meanwhile, don't deny the Israeli economy the hard cash it needs, and stop treating it like a client state that needs to be on a tight leash all the time. We in the US, are in the beginnings of the first campaign of a long war in the Middle East, lets not make South Asia a needless distraction.