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March 13, 2003

Roundup of Middle East News

Provides some 12 links to articles and a summary:

An Israeli soldier and a Palestinian gunman were killed in a gun battle near the West Bank city of Tulkarm on Wednesday in what the army said was an ongoing series of Israeli raids in pursuit of militants. (10) In nearby Qalqilya, Palestinians said soldiers shot and wounded six people, including two members of the mainstream Fatah faction said by the army to have resisted arrest. (10) Israeli troops raided a suspected militant group's hideout Wednesday, sparking a gunbattle that killed an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian, while Palestinian President Yasser Arafat met with top officials to map out leadership changes in the Palestinian Authority. (3) A family of a Palestinian suicide bomber received a check for $25,000 and 22 families of militants killed in fighting or of civilians killed during Israeli army offensives, incursions or air strikes got $10,000 each. (11) Officials of the Palestinian Arab Liberation Front staging the ceremony said Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had now paid $35 million to support the kin of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip and West Bank since militants rose up against Israel there 29 months ago. (11) Arafat will retain control of security forces and peace negotiations even after his deputy Mahmoud Abbas is appointed prime minister, a senior Palestinian official said Sunday. (2) [links to articles: click here]