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March 15, 2003

The Road Map

I have always hated the Road Map. And now that Bush has resorted to it I wonder if Israel is doomed.

Yet Sharon seems to be going along and there is very little outcry from Israel. Bibi is silent. What can this mean. Just when the momentum for negating a Palestinian state is growing Bush comes up with this.

I keep hoping for some kind of secret deal between Bush and Sharon made last fall will save the day. I just can't believe that Bush is throwing Israel to the Arab dogs. What does this say for his new ME. What does this say for his war on terror.

Either he did this to get France to support war at the UN , or he did it to support Blair in his party or he did this to get all kind of overflight rights in Saudi Arabia and G-d knows what else.

But the question remains, "What does this mean?. What has he done? How will he protect Israel? Does this mean a better deal for the Palestinians than Barak offered? What do Israel and the US see eye to eye on?