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March 30, 2003

Road Map Built on Quicksand

March 27, 2003--Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI has been warning all along that the alliance of the U.S. State Dept,, the United Nations, the European Union, and Russia, in determining Israel's future, is one that bodes only evil for Israel. AFSI sees the appointment of Oslo architect and UN representative to the Quartet, Tarje Roed Larsen as another indicator to the destructive nature of the soon to be released Road Map.

Larsen applauds the appointment of Abu Mazen to the post of Prime Minister of the PA. He calls this appointment the result of an extraordinary process which has led to an empowered Prime Minister.He says, everybody agrees Abu Mazen is a credible partner.

The truth about Abu Mazen is that he has had a decades long relationship with Arafat, aiding and abetting his terrorist regime. Mazen openly supports terror in all its forms, is a Holocaust denier, and supports the Palestinian right of return as a strategy for annihilating Israel.

To call such a man a credible partner, and to pretend that he brings reform to the PA, is deception at its highest level. We'll believe reform is possible when the reign of terror against Israel ends, and Palestinians stop celebrating Saddam Hussein and the bestial execution of American POW's.

The position of Secretary of State Colin Powell and the State Department, determined to accept the Mazen fraud as fact and proceed with the publication of the Road Map, is cause for great concern. This is clearly against the best interests of America and Israel.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's endorsement of a Palestinian state encourages Israel's enemies and confuses its allies. It appears to be Sharon's submission to the pressure of the Bush administration. It is important to recognize that despite Sharon's statements, the Israeli government and its Parliament have never agreed to support a Palestinian state.

Finally, much as AFSI applauds Pres. Bush's moral stand against Iraq, and his willingness to almost go-it-alone in the battle against terror, we caution him on his unwise decision to create another terrorist Arab state in the Middle East. Israel cannot ever be given away to anyone, and certainly not as the pacifier or the pawn to those who would perpetuate evil.

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