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March 11, 2003

Rifat Turk named Tel Aviv's first Arab deputy mayor

I post this article especially for the anti-Israeli voices who chant their hatred that Israel is a racistsstate, that arabs are without rights and liberties. Name one arab country where a Jews would be elected to anything. Or where in fact there would be elections that were democratically run.
In a move some called "historic," former Hapoel Tel Aviv soccer star Rifat "Jimmy" Turk, has been elected deputy mayor of Tel Aviv.

Mayor Ron Huldai hailed Monday's appointment: "I am proud that the first Hebrew city is today appointing an Arab, born in Jaffa, to the position of deputy mayor. It is no enough to talk about co-existence, we must also act. In that sense, today is an historic day."

Turk's appointment was viewed as a watershed, as only a few cities have an Arab on their council, much less a deputy mayor.

"Turk is a much admired personality among youth, and he has the power to influence them positively," Huldai said.

In a speech before the city council, Turk said that the moment of his election surpassed any on the field. "It is our duty to prove that co-existence in peace and equality is not only a dream," he said. [more]