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March 12, 2003

"Rewriting “J’Accuse” in 2003"

Seems like one of the big themes today is the response to the bashing of Israel and Jews by both Buchanan and Rep. Moran (D-VA).
Also Over at National Review Online today there's a great article by David Frum titled:"Rewriting “J’Accuse” in 2003"

There was a Jewish reporter who was covered the Dryfus affair, who was very disturbed by the anti-semitism he had witnessed. As a result of this event, and the rise of anti-semitism in France, this journalist resolved that there was only one solution to the problem of ant-semitism: the mass immigration of Jews to a land that they could call their own...laying the seeds for Political Zionism. Who was this journalist? None other than than: Thedore Herzl

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